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redblue on blue




Inga Muscio is a Lesbian, polyamorous, controversial author, attended Evergreen, not claimed by the school as a Distinguished Alumna, prob b/c she did not graduate either. (That's about five parallels with Ki.)

Her books are CUNT: A Declaration of Independence (1998), and ROSE: Love in Violent Times (2010.)

From ROSE: "When humans don't have certain sustenance, they die -- either physically or emotionally. Yet so many of us are soldiering on, missing essential pieces of ourselves. We are probably the only animal that can remain biologically living and breathing while our souls are long dead. When that happens, well, that's when we start doing really crappy things like snuffing out our own or someone else's humanity.

Connecting to nature --- including our own nature --- does, however, heal much of the sadness and loneliness humankind presently contends with.

For those who commune with nature on a daily basis, who learn to care for the earth and for everyone who lives on it, it's hard to see where rape, power, domination, and control actually fit in. There's too much wonderment and too many miracles going on to actually get to a place where it might seem like a good idea to rape an eight-year-old."

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Ki loves the Evergreen campus forests, treetops and the moon close over them were the subject of her very first published photo. That love is never leaving her. Along with the element of danger of course, her favourite times to roam the paths are in the deep of night, armed with her hunting knife (she wears a special jet-black leather jacket with long forearm-sleeve zippered pockets lined with crimson, which she proudly showed me, a perfect concealment.)

Trees continue to be a favourite subject, we passed right next to one ("Fallen Tree") lying aside the asphalt path back to her dorm.

What she finds there is "healing the sadness and loneliness" (not all of it, but certainly some.)

As may we all, in our measure, as we can, as the seasons turn.