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Harvard partytimes

Today they were invited to sit in class as auditors, if they wanted to, and if they could cut their high-school class hours at home.

This past weekend, about 1000 of your 1400 sub-freshpersons, Class of 2020, showed up at a big party thrown in their honor. It clogged up traffic all over Harvard Square b/c all 1400 were here all weekend with their parents, and the streets today still have names like Bow Street, Arrow Street, etc., b/c they were built right over Indian trails in the 18th Century and there were no RAV4s or Cadillac Escalades then, heh. Their horses passed each other easily.

These 2020 newbies have not yet committed to Harvard next Fall, and it mystifies me as to why: since you are one of maybe five people out of every hundred to be accepted, the other 95 got told to go elsewhere -- that's tens of thousands of them -- (back in the day for Class of 2011, Ki was one of them.) If you are smart enough and poor enough, HU gives you a free ride --- tuition, room & board --- worth maybe 60,000 USD per year, close to a cool half-million for four.

And you'd throw all that away?

(Yep, some will.) (But very few.)

However, beware: for those who party too hard at little dorm parties and the big bash, HU has a thing called Acceptance Reversal where, after the sun rises, they send you a letter saying you are now kicked out before you ever start. And the Harvard PD and the Security guys DO notice you!

Your second choice: you get to go to Faber College, home of "Animal House." Gotta watch out for double-secret probation while you're there, though.

More serious issues from Harvard suits involve the University's dismal record re sexual attacks; to help buff this up they may put in CALLISTO.

CALLISTO is a mobile-device app that you can download to report an episode, and it is anonymous, you don't give your name. It just sits inside your smartphone until you need it, heh. It will ask you for details, and if there are two callers reporting the same location/event/perp, CALLISTO calls help for you, you don't have to do it personally.

One of the kids opined that 'Harvard has enough apps now, why don't they put some of their sixty billion into more prevention instead of more prosecution?'

(Besides, you know what "you don't give your name" is worth in the world of cyberspace device identification logging. In fact, HU teaches courses on it.)

Anyway. Lots of food and drink on the table, what do you pick up? And, where?