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you probably won't last four paces


"I'm an aspiring filmmaker/fantasy novelist... is it easy to make friends? I'm pretty artsy, hella weird, LEGIT open minded and I love to listen to other people. Not politically active, but REALLY politically interested, love animals, video games, all kinds of rock music, reading, writing, watching movies, and having a good time and a good debate with friends :) ... How do I go about getting a study contract? (I'd kill to work on a novel or something for credit, I heard someone went to the Deep South for a couple weeks, kept a journal and took some pictures and got credit. WHOA <3333)


"Oh god. All I needed was the word "artsy" to know that you probably won't last four paces onto campus before making 40 friends. Evergreen is the friendliest place I have ever been. The sweetest thing about it is, nobody looks normal. You look around, and it's sort of like every single student attending was "that weird artsy kid" in high school. You'll be fine. Everyone paints, or plants, or plays guitar, and

we all have this social awkwardness that seems to kind of work with everyone else's."

"They hardly ever let Freshmen do Independent Contracts, but you might be able to persuade someone into letting you have one... I mentioned I'm doing a Contract that will take me to Japan this summer -- since you can create your own major here, I've created one centralized on my obsession for Japanese Rock'n'Roll music... so my Contract will take me to Japan where I can attend concerts, pimp my own demo, and be in the heart of the Japanese rock scene for 16 credits."


"*singsong* This place sounds like heaven~"

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These are parts of a long convo that took place on Evergreen's website in May 2009.
Questioner is completing her third year (of four) at Interlochen, a private arts high school in Michigan, USA., previously in school in Trinidad/Tobago, Caribbean West Indies, she's 17.

Responder is a Sophomore at Evergreen, coming up on summer 2009 study abroad. (That would make her Class of 2011, exactly the same Class as Ki, so they were both living life on campus at the same time.)

So this makes a fascinating picture of Evergreen life, coming from a classmate.

Fascinating b/c it's quite the opposite of what Ki found in her Evergreen world:

"I have no friends." "I don't know what I'm doing wrong." "There's just something wrong about me." "I have no social skills."

And somewhat unexpectedly curious, also: both of them had study-abroad-for-credit contracts, both Questioner and Ki were into creative writing and filmmaking. Q wanted to join the Class of 2014.

Ki is reaching out in her cyberworld, though: she is going to lend an abuse victim (from the Central USA) $100 so she could travel to Evergreen to meet with Ki in May 2008, Ki said "I study whatever the hell I want" and plans to encourage her friend to come to college and study comic/graphic art so she could design for a living.

Sadly that visit was never going to happen.

There are many Heavens. "Heaven is a place on earth", sang Belinda Carlisle.

Not all of Kiota's Evergreen was hell, especially not in that last week. The end story was what took your attention away from the light.

Only temporarily, as it is turning out for many of us... after she changed her focus.