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four paces of friendly part two

Here are some graphics to go with our earlier post:

IMG_0080 i think im going soon (2).JPGIMG_0081 flaming e (3).JPG

The upper pic is Ki's room, you're looking right at her window, her bed is right under it, she blew spliff smoke out of it down toward a cop car below. Room extends to your R about halfway to the triangle vent at the top of the bldg. TINY! This lower pic is called "flaming e", Ki's bldg was fifth on her road, they're lighted 24/7.

These next are from my visit early last October, 2015:

IMG_0096 I'm takin a tour toooo.JPG

IMG_3150 (3).JPGIMG_3080.JPG

The fire truck is there b/c someone set off an alarm in the libe, evacuation was ordered, everybody was happy that their study is over atm...

This last is my favourite student image, she's curled on a bench right outside the libe front entrance, obviously more comfortable, totally absorbed in her book. Hope it's a book of plays...

IMG_3158 (4).JPG