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Passover 2016 arrives

This weekend marks the start of the first day of this season's observance of Passover; it celebrates the freedom of the Jewish tribes from their imprisonment as slaves in Egypt. The ending day of Passover 2016 will be observed on April 30. Which will be Ki's 27th birthday.

What I knew of Ki's spiritual life was pretty much limited to her last week, we spent time discussing Islam and Wicca f2f, and she was certainly in a questioning, searching mood. She published entries on ProgressiveU about it -- ProgressiveU was a blog oriented toward student discussions of a variety of things.

When I visited Israel and spent an afternoon with one of her lovers, she was convinced that Ki had felt very spiritually isolated from the whole family-orientation of sharing Passover ceremonies, and this isolation was one of the things that drove her suicide... Ki's burial in Israel was held on the same morning that the first Passover observances would start in the same evening that year, in 2008.

I have been invited this April 30 to a Passover seder, a sit-down meal celebrating traditions and freedoms, with a small group of Jewish and Christian friends here in the building. The Hebrew phrase is Acharon shel Pesach, and it's customary also to read from Isaiah, Chapter 11, in the Old Testament.

Don't know what verses in Isaiah, but this is among them: verse 6 talks of creating the physical closeness of animals who usually would eat one another for lunch in the feral world, concluding with

"...and a little child shall lead them."

It won't be this little child, however, who has transformed, as have we all: this year Becky is now 22, but much earlier Ki caught her younger sister in a random picture, only published privately---

AKAA-78 (2) BECKY early dArt.jpg

The scene Ki recorded for us probably had nothing to do with Passover in Efrat that year, but the joy and happiness here on Becky's face parallels what we celebrate in remembering the legions of the Angel of Death flying above in the night, passing over some houses in Egypt and not others, thousands of years ago, the beginnings of the birth of freedom.

And of remembering Ki's own day of birth. The firstborn in her new family.

Blessings Be from Brad / Silverplate 88 = co-Mod