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erin links to bridget

My Kiota

part of what I posted to another site...

I plugged in Kiota, along with my real name... and... I'm on the verge of tears now.  I found this members list... just the name, email of the members, plus their favorite person.

I found my ex-girlfriend, the first person I ever loved.  I was with her for six months.  An online relationship and I loved her so much.  We were fourteen and I was seriously, seriously in love.

She's on that list and she lists me as her favorite person.

I guess she was a member a long time ago.  We don't really talk anymore.  I don't know how she's doing.  Last I heard she was pregnant.  I don't think the site exists anymore, either.  Only the cache....

Googled some more.  Found her again on a similar site.  Again, who she loves:

"My Kiota."

this sounds so fucking stupid but I'm crying now.  I fucked him last night and he's three times my age and he told me he loves me and I wanted that back.

also remembering the time when before I met a "client" he googled me and read my journal and I'd never felt so violated.

I feel really guilty about googling people now.  x.x

(yes, I do realize this is probably ridiculous, to get into an utterly self-loathing mood because I GOOGLED PEOPLE.  ffs.  but.  yeah.

(I miss her so much)

(no, it's not her I miss, though I miss her as well.  I miss being in love with her, and she being in love with me)

....................:: Ki's original journal, she is posting on 2006-02-01

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Silverplate88 responded, same day:

Love with your girl.  And hers for you.  :P

Outlasts a lot of stuff, doesn't it!

It should tell you something.  In fact, a whole lot of things.

It sounds ANYTHING but fucking stupid O.o  ::  There're reasons you just found this.  And you'll find out what they are, too... all in time!  XD3


That post was about Teava, wasn't it? I haven't spoken to her in years.
It sure was, Kitten. You prob have all the same info on her that I found, but since Ki's site is public and I don't want to blow Teava's cover, ask me to PM you, if you want, and I'll share it!