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please be well and rested

Wanted to get these into the site now, although I know it would be more appropriate on Sunday 30th.

From my email to her on Friday April 11, I was writing from the airport for my overnight flight going home: (She read it.)

"Please be well and rested and know that you will always have my active love and support for each and every one of your choices."

And this was my post in her original journal on Thurs April 17:

"And now
you've dissolved yourself
into light and peace

And you are really here with us
more than ever
in a most special way."

(She was unable to read this.. but I am more sure than ever that it got through.)

<img src="http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/kiota/37199556/14668/14668_900.jpg" alt='IMG_3150 (3).JPG title="IMG_3150 (3).JPG"