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you are really here with us

IMG_0096 I'm takin a tour toooo.JPG

The shadows in my pic of campus last Fall are lengthening. And, welcoming in their comfort. Kiota walked these paths, many times that Fall.

<=> <=> <=> <=> <=>

These next are posted in advance of April 30, but I wanted to be sure I could get them onto the site:

"Please be well and rested and know that you will always have my active love and support for each and every one of your choices." {email to Ki, Friday 11 April '08}

"And now
you've dissolved yourself
into light and peace

and you are really here with us
more than ever
in a most special way." {my post in her original journal, Thurs 17 April.}

Yes, eight years are a long time.

And yes, there is permanence. Of light. Of peace.

Of Kiota al-Astraya.