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kiotadreams1 purp pillow

the memories of a sacred childhood

IMG_2457 (2).JPG

"...holding the memories of a sacred childhood.
was i ever a child?
i must've been, once.
everyone was a child, once.
even me....
trying to remember
those days of thinking i loved, thinking i
was loved.
of laughing
just because i felt
like laughing. those days when
i was immortal..."

Pic = Olympia street arts fair, October 2015: sidewalk chalker partygoer costumed as a kitty, with kitty ears and wearing her rainbow colours and a string of lights in her skirt

Poem = excerpted from "Poem of a Broken Girl", by Ki, dated May 2004

everyone was a child once. eager to meetup again with her playmate, along a safe street.