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Rose petals

they don't really talk to me anymore

... Anyway, I'm feeling okayish.  Tired even though I slept about 10 - 12 hours last night.  And there isn't any food in the house aside from noodles and pickles, and I can't get any food because all the campus stores are closed.  Sigh.  Not like I'm hungry anyway, but some variety would be nice.  Plus, protein.

I'm lonely though. Kind of noticed that most of my friends on MSN don't really talk to me anymore.

Gonna do some cleaning and then... naptime, I think.

It's raining.  Again.


You are reading her LJ on Sunday 30 December 2007.  Evergreen is closed for Winter Break, (though dorms are obviously open), and Ki has just finished Chanoeka Sameach celebrations in Idaho (that year CS 5768 had started on Wednesday 05 December.) A tiny snapshot, posting in her last December.

They don't really talk to her anymore??

Over five years and four months up to 2008-04-13, Ki will have written 2,705 LJ entries, made 18,107 posts and gathered 21,757 responses.  462 users had Friended her, she Friended 206 back, was active in 24 communties.

And that's not counting the 300+ responses written to her last LJ entry, before her LJ was erased in late June 2008.

300+ responses from all over the world.

And that also does not count her other channels like MSN and TeenHelp and ProgressiveU.  To name just three.

Anyone who is reading this knows the difference between being alone and feeling lonely.  We live that, through our own personal calendars.

To any leftBrainer, those numbers tell a story of a user connected in many ways.  Of course numbers never tell the whole story - - severe language deficiency.

I cherish her living memory, as I always have, by observing that whatever she was/was not hearing on MSN was no longer gving her the support it once had.  I can only speak of my own MSN path with her: when I'd bought a laptop in Mar 08 and we started MSN-ing, we shared intensely all through one night, more than five hours, we both had webcams. Never so much or so closely again tilI I actually could travel out to campus to meet her f2f. In April.

My actual experience has been that Ki has traveled far closer to me in the past seven years than she was in those three nights and four days. And atm, that was pretty close!

Now, it's closer in a different and special way of course. Many ways, in fact.

There is plenty of food in our house.

May it be also with yours.

Blessings Be from Brad/Silverplate88 - coModerator