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just as she was leaning in

the kiss.jpgfrisbee 2 by Anna Rosenfeld.jpgKIOTA Oly Arts Walk ap 2008 (85A).jpg

Top and next photos are both by Ki, they were opened to Aperture in her professional dArt gallery so Aperture's gallery editors could make selections for their exhibition of unknown and rising young photographers, in April 2008.

The lowest pic is a shot, one of over 300, taken at the Olympia Arts Walk Celebration of the Species parade, also in April 2008. Many creative adaptations of many bugs and animals and fishies. Taken by a pro photographer for the city media.

Our point is to consider the timing. Ki notes the top shot: "I caught her just as she was leaning in to be kissed." And a frisbee game on the Frisbee Field, just beside her dorm building -- she catches a player after the frisbee leaves her hand but is still in the camera frame.

The lower pic shows a multitude of things going on, it also only lasted for a split second before the parade went by. In the R corner there is a tyke squatting down, he has a colored ladybug shell costume on, he's studying this strange animal with a large lumpy grey tail who can walk upright. Next to that there is a yellow bubble-worm of some annelid variety, dragging itself along the street lying on skateboards, with gloved claws on, watching what is next to him toward the photographer. Then we have the conventional child stroller with child,costumed as a {kitten?} with tiny red ears, and sucking on a drink, ignoring the whole thing for the moment. Pushing the stroller is a human harried mother, decidedly not in any costume save that of a human harried mother, wondering how much longer the parade will be continuing.

Perhaps Sir Bubbleworm will crawl over and ask for a sip.

All of these moments endured for only a fragment of time. But the creators of the pics saved them for us to share.

Years later.

Forever, actually.

It would be exciting to look at what creations Ki would have made at the parade, perhaps she would have filmed some of it with her videocam and turned it in for credit, under the umbrella course "Local Knowledge."

Sadly, the parade happens only once every year in April. In 2007 Ki was studying in Idaho, not anywhere close the parade in Washington State at all.

In 2008 she had already been moved back home to Israel.

Fragments of time become very very precious. Ki knew that.

And so do we.

Again, especially as this week gets shorter and shorter.