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Spectrum cone

until you're actually flying

IMG_1683 (3).JPG

IMG_87059-93 (4).jpg

When we lived in Holland, in 2009 we visited the Vermeer Center. Johannes Vermeer was a 17th-century Dutch painter who was forgotten for centuries but now is world-famous for his work, principally "Girl With a Pearl Earring"... also the subject of a movie starring Scarlett Johansson where all the top techies on the film, from director on down, have art degrees.

The Center is a museum in Delft, across the square from where Vermeer's studio was, and the bottom pic puts you next to us, right in front of the front entrance. The Girl is iconic now, and we think she looks very much like Ki.

But the Center is lots more than a museum. It also has an art gallery on the top floor, and there was a photo exhibit by local artists, one was Thijs Tuurenhout, who fascinates us with his bridge study, disappearing into the fog you always get near the North Sea. Even the seagulls he captures are misty.

It's a metaphor for the bridge we all are on, a time bridge.

You can't see the end until you're actually flying up there with the seagulls and making your way onward with your companion travelers.

And disappearing into the mist.

But you are not really ever gone, of course.

You'll get to the other side and maybe you will choose to come back also.

(Or, you might be asked to come back. And, welcomed.)

In time.

Perhaps, often?

Especially this week.