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April 30 1989 2016 and always / two

166 (3) Ki experiments with ALYA twirl.jpg113 (21).jpgIMG_17046-97 (3).jpgIMG_0163 (3).JPG

This is a reconstruction of the second post in this series, LJ ate the original, their software makes it really hard to post pics in succession, they take me back each time as though I were not adding a pic but posting a whole new entry {"do you want to restore from saved draft?"} Unless there's some command to post a group of pics, all at once, a command that I'm missing...


The first two are from the ALYA series, Ki got invited into a ballet studio to shoot, they were having class or rehearsing. She made up her dancer's name "I have no clue what her real name is." The third is a process shot extending an image taken by an IAF veteran who went back to photo women in basic training; the fourth has a long history, the faerie acrylic is a small 4x6 framed painting and it hung on her bedroom wall for a long time until she gave it to Linny as a love gift; L sent it to me from Europe in May 2008.

Ki thought her ALYAs were some kind of failure, or at least she chose not to keep them on display at dArt, so she asked me to "save what you want" from her account, before replacing them. I think they're superb, especially the first one where she was experimenting with a low-light filter and special cam settings on her Olympus... I put backlight behind a print of it and it super-glowed.

Photography = Greek word meaning "writing with light", always.