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woods in the rain in the woods

IMG_3011 (2) (KiLJ).JPG

This is a photo from inside the Parks and Rec Building, downtown Oly. After six days of darkness and rain, we liked the sun peeking out into the meeting area... From outside to in, what you're looking through is sideways afternoon sun, then thin clouds, then two glass panels, then a dispersion shade covering the whole setup. The shade is somewhat stained, thus the freaky non-reflection streaks.

Posting here right now from inside the computer lab in the College Library at Evergreen, near the same location we sat side by side and posted online to one another at the same time and did net stuff, during our week in April 2008. It's all redesigned and modified now, she'd not recognize it.

When I can, will add more photos of the whole world out here, the impression is that the college has been carved out of the Pacific Northwest Rainforest. It's really a wilderness, lots of evergreens but lots of other trees too, with foliage accents, it all looks untracked and uncharted.

And private, very private. Isolated. A long 25-minute bus ride up here, starting out from downtown and going beside some really expansive scenery of broad estuary harbor-waters, powercraft and sailboat moorings and the Cascade Mountains, topped with snow, off in the far distance... before entering a kind of wasteland, full of promise and aloneness / loneliness.

In her public LJ she never talked about this, her grandparents visited her by plane and car, the three times before when I'd been here, for me it was cabs and airport vans all the way, you just do not get the same feeling. It's an emotional feeling pattern surrounding you, going lots deeper than a collection of trees.

Ki is totally focused on getting her equipment ready to prepare filming homeless interviews downtown, at least one time she does it all night; she comes back to the dorm on the bus through the morning gloom to start editing. So prob she paid no attention to what was out the window. I'm sure it made a subconscious impression, though.

Trees uprooting and falling where they lie, not all the way down, sometimes, just rotting propped against another tree... very dense.

She photoed some --- when there was light -- which are right outside the footpath to her dorm. Probably this afternoon too, nine years later.

This certainly is a whole new dimension to Ki, surely so much of what she saw every night matched the loneliness and solitude she felt... since she arranged her schedule each day so her classes were in the evening, she could stay up, go in and out all night, away from her roomies, away from anyone, then come back and sleep in the daytime or simply shut herself away for as long as she wanted.

Nobody is here now who was here in the Class of 2011 that Fall and Spring. (Just instructors/lifers.) FirstYears today won't graduate till Spring 2020.

So everybody now here --- --- --- is different?

Maybe not.

Look closer.

:Blessings Be from Brad/Silverplate88 co-Mod with Otter