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Autumn Whisperings

another part of the forest

There will be photos to post soonish... but we've seen an entirely different dimension to the rainforest, other than a looming immensity of dark solitude and isolation and decay. It happened that one afternoon coming out of campus on the Evergreen bus, the sun broke through before sunset and filtered through the trees and the silver fog. The moss growing on some of the dead branches glowed with reflected light and the effects were magickal, like airbrush, actually filled with the lumens of decay on one hand, new growth on the other.

Did Ki not see anything like this?

Well, my view is that, of course she did, but it didn't register with what she was able to see.

Here in America, tomorrow is the celebration of Thanksgiving Day, when the original English settlers on the East Coast (in the 1620's) had completely failed at growing their own food and the Native Americans (already here) saved their lives by feeding them so they would not die of starvation. What this means at Evergreen is that the entire campus is locked up, the library simply does not function at all... the only buildings open are the dorms, for the kids who choose / are forced / to stay here on campus for the break of one week. Then classes resume with a vengeance, only a couple weeks or so till the end of Fall Quarter, with exams coming and faculty evaluations to see if they are happy with your progress.

Over these holiday breaks, Ki stayed in her room for some of the time, Christmas was one because her mom's family is Gentile and Ki is Jewish ("The Jews are my people") where Chanoeka Sameach is celebrated at her home in Efrata, not the Western Christian Nativity. We Gmailed one another over some of these days.

This is really a countryside full of beauty, and I'm very well aware that this is from the POV of Ki's mentor, not from her own POV, as she was living through all the peer pressures of being a first-year student on the other side of the world from home.

The icon on this entry is from Autumn Whisperlings, a fave of hers, and this all is really encapsulated in the free verse accompanying the image (which you can look up via Google or follow Enayla on Deviant Art) :: :: are the decay / deaths impacting you more powerfully than the rebirths, two seasons away in the future ... or is it the other way around? Perhaps both ways at different times?

I'm personally thankful that I was brought into Ki's life for the time that I was, and to honor the blessings of her continuing presences. Timelessly.

Seasons are circular and years have no meaning, that's not how she counts anymore.

:Blessings Be from Brad / Silverplate88 co-Mod with Otter