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I can't keep falling forever

I was so flustered

I read a revised version of "Requiem For The Silent" out loud. One of the most terrifying experiences of my life.  I was SHAKING when I finished reading it, I was so flustered.  But people told me really wonderful things about it... plus, if I'm going to publish this shit in a memoir, I really need to get used to people seeing it.


Here's the background:

Class = intensive seminar, Writing From Life: meetings Fri, Sat, Sun 04 -06 April 2008.
Assignment = write about a childhood memory of a departure or of being in a srange/unfamiliar place.
Instructor = Kate Crowe
Ki's title= Requiem for the Silent: A Childhood Memory

Ki writes on Thursday night, posts it on her ProgresiveU blog during the day Friday, asks for feedback, edits into final form.
She reads it in class Fri evening and comes back home to write what you first read here, posting in her LJ.

Class sessions continue all day Sat and Sun.
Without Ki.
She drops out.
There were something like ten papers required in one weekend, Kate said "that's what caffiene is for."

We were discussing this f2f that next Tuesday, 08 April, our first night together. She talks about "too much pressure" in writing against mutiple quick deadlines, I react with "it's student abuse."

Cannot imagine ANY instructor doing this, any benefit is mysterious to me.

And you?

Blessings Be from Silverplate88