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Evergreen and Chanoeka Sameach

At Evergreen, everything is quite quiet, we're in the middle of midwinter break, Fall quarter is done and Winter quarter does not start until January 9.

In the Hebrew calendar, the celebration of Hanukkah this year of 5777 is observed as a festival of lights, one taper is lighted each of eight days beginning on December 24 at sundown. This year, it happened to coincide precisely with the Christmas Eve observance, December 24, in the Western Christian year 2016.

"Chanoeka Sameach", of the title entry, is how you say that in Dutch.

Tonight is December 29: at sundown the sixth day of Chanoeka 5777 is observed with the lighting of the sixth candle in the menorah row. The Christian holy day of the celebration of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth was completed four days ago, and thousands of people are now preparing for New Year's Eve, December 31, 2016.

Hanukkah celebrations end with the end of eight days of observances at sundown, January 1, 2017.

On Ki's turf, there are rows of about a dozen trees on two sides of Red Square alongside the library and the Student Activities Building. They've been lighted with gold garlands since before exams, along walkways Ki often used going back and forth to her dorm. IMG_3522 (2KH).JPG

One of the things my cam caught (better than my eye) were splashes of blue color from a light definitely not restricted to any holiday season, unfortunately. This one is right at the edge of the main entrance to the library, it's switched on 24/7 and available for anyone in desperate need, and there are many of these scattered around campus, since the buildings and dorms are surrounded by dense forests.

Ki never journaled about using one of them, but we know she spent many nights wandering forest trails; and, she talked with me f2f about intervening to stop any assaults she might happen upon. IMG_3528 (2KH}.JPG

Such are the worlds we live in: faith, resurrection, eternal life and light, living and existing there amidst shade and deep shadows and darknesses.

In fact, some would point out that it's impossible to discern light of any kind except for its contrast against darkness.

Both are core aspects of our lives.

As they were, and are, of Kiota's.

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Peace and quiet solitude and joy in this season
(and all of them) :: :: from your co-Mods.