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Spectrum cone

the fire next time

There's an old Black-American spiritual song that goes, in part:

"God gave Noah the rainbow sign:
No more water, the fire next time!"

IMG_3726 (4).JPG

About this time through her first year, Ki's grandparents gifted her with an electric blanket.

We might be nine years out from that day, but Evergreen weather endures: the low temp here on campus in two nights will be 19 degrees F, that's about minus 7 degrees C. Certainly teeth-chattering weather, when you add in the wind slicing through the dead trees.

At the time, I offered to buy her a second blanket to make sure she could be keeping herself warm enough (having been raised in the desert climates of Israel, after all.) She turned me down, preferring to use the money for other things...

The photo you're looking at is a close-up of my host family's fireplace at work, their home is about four miles from campus and they love to keep their fire going all night (and day, too.) Ki would note the fact that it's taken at one-hundredth of a second, to show the stop-action on the flame details as they grow. Also, that Brad uses the modern equivalent of Ki's Canon SLR Digital Rebel XTi. She made her final photo studies with this cam, on campus and downtown.

So this is a great warmy way to celebrate the new year. Real flames and preserved flames. On 30 April of this year she will be 28.

And more productive than ever.