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breath of crimson rose

I always think of this icon as Ki leaving her writing, many projects she completed and in process, behind her with us as she left. She always took a bunch of time and put a lot of care into her revisions... and she is careful to note which among her works was in first draft, revisions to come.

We are now at one month short of nine years from the last day we ever spent together (in her mortal form of course.) A couple of other people had a hand in this memorial poem, one of them the mystical 13th-Century Islamic poet Jelauddin Rumi, the other his modern English translator Coleman Barks... but for not any more than a few words. The events of course are Kiota's, the imaginations both of ours.

It's about one resurrection into the oceans of forever.

Softer Than Breath of Crimson Rose

Yours is the breast my heart nurses now,
My tongue grows along your tracered veins;
Round your opened wings you offer mee a glass
Which dances the fountains of every sun within...

Splinters jump with freedom heat:
Dis-integrate, to re-create
Sharper than bleeding steel,
Softer than breath
Of crimson rose
Rising from my keening, dying sigh:
Splintered to bits to fade. To twirl. To cry.

But now your voices, clean of pain,
Your whispers swell and soar
Over and above this cage to bridge,
Anthems fly to spread
Astride each and every angel course;

Your silken feathers wheel us high
High into your pathless Light beyond the sky

And you turn time into vapour
And I dissolve with you and into you
As my flame ever mates with your candle:

All melts to One through absent presence
In our present absence,
For as long as this Moon shall whirl her dances
Along the coasts we make,
Astride the sands we fire.

<=> <=> <=> <=> <=>

That stanza form is created to fit into our Memorial Journal formatting, many of the lines have been split into the format, which is narrower than we'd like; the poem has no capital letters at the beginning of lines. "Splintered", and that image, is literally one of Ki's UserId's, which she chose to name herself in one of her blog addresses. And one image is her enduring one from "Moonlight Dancer", a favourite poem she posted more than thirteen years ago now.

Of course everyone's experience of Ki is different, then and now...and tomorrows.

This is mine, offered to share at our table.

Blessings Be from Brad/Silverplate88....Co-Mod with Otter


I think of her all the time. Thank you for keeping her memory alive.
I think she's as close to you as your thoughts of her... And GothicOtter needs a lot of credit for the site, also... she created it for us all.

:Brad / Silverplate88