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Rose petals

storm is threat'nin

On campus, this week, as Ki journaled, "It's raining. Again." In 2008. In 2017, right now.

Actually, this morning it's sporadic shafts of sunlight through cloudbursts of rain. This morning those shafts turned some of these mossy trees a beautiful electric green. Photos coming when I can edit them, in a bit.

There are some startling positionings of posters here inside the libe building (which is four floors, immense.) All campuses have poster kiosks, there are many all over the place here. And, although the libe wasn't renovated to the point it is now, in 2008, when we sat here together it was Wed. April 9 and Thurs. April 10... posting to each other, and both of us onto one of her blogs, ProgressiveU. (And right now it's also April 10 --- ---Tuesday this time, April 10, nine years later.)

Jagger and Richards write:

Ooh, a storm is threatnin'
My very life today
If I don't get some shelter
Yeah, I'm gonna fade away;
The floods are threatnin'
My very life today
Gimme, gimme shelter
Or I'm gonna fade away...
I tell you, love, sister,
It's just a kiss away
It's just a kiss away, kiss away, kiss away,
It's just a kiss away...

Here's what I mean by poster graphics symbolisms:


This is an overlap of one, advertising video production internships, onto another one, talking of Cambodia. Here's that full poster:


Come study a couple weeks in Cambodia this coming August 2017. Ki had been accepted into a work-study photography program in Cambodia, tripping out there with 19 others in June and July 2008; she'd study photography and make photos and videos "documenting human rights abuses in Cambodia", while volunteering time in a local orphanage counseling children "who're like I was, living on the streets, thinking there's no way anyone in the world loves them"... actually, child prostitutes rescued from The Life.

Evergreen had awarded her a writing contract for 45 hours, unheard-of for a first-year student, carrying a cash stipend, and her photo/video essays were to be a part of that.

On Thursday, April 10, 2008 this was her life. Part of her life. The creative-Ki part.

Over Saturday night, April 12, into Sunday, April 13, the destructive-Ki part --- generating pain and depression and despairs for ten years then --- won out. And she left us.

Rebirthed herself, as I like to think of it... and for those around her table still, she's a part of our lives in our own personal ways and at our own personal depths. Timelessly.

A third poster, the bottom fragment of it:


The Evergreen Assault Awareness Office. Working with PTSD, depression, and other issues.

Attempting to prevent anymore April 13ths. (Whatever the number labels might be.)

Now what are the chances that these posters, all three with linkages to Ki, would randomly occupy virtually the same spaces at the same time, here in the libe building where we both studied? At the same time, which is, NOW ? ? ? ?

Love, sister, it's just a kiss away. Ki yearned for that kiss. Yes, many got to her, but many did not last, either.

May each of us not fade away in the storms, may our life not be threatened.... may we be blessed with finding the shelter we need, when we need it, and for as long as we need it. Even, eternity...

Shelter of all kinds.

:Blessings Be from Brad/Silverplate88....co-Mod with Otter