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come up the years

Icon is from 2006, Ki after loving her older squeeze *Ariel outside the only gay bar in JRS (now closed.)

Marty Balin, of the superstar rock group Jefferson Airplane, writes:

I've been happy to go right along...
I know I can't leave no matter how hard I try

Not sure this pic, taken this morning out the windows of the pizza lunch bar, will be very electric in its green, once LJ processes it for the J, but anyway:

... IMG_4634 (4).JPG

The long yellow spear in the UL area is the reflection of a fluorescent lamp inside the bldg, and the circles are raindrops outside the double-pane glass window. The shafts of light are already fading...

And of course there's Writing Center, it's in a corner of the immense libe atrium on the front door floor, there's a door directly into it from the libe area where I'm typing:

... IMG_4640 (2).JPG

Never been inside (yet), think it's set up to provide a quiet space to compose and revise in (as opposed to your noisy dorm room or cacophonous dorm bldg hallway) --- but perhaps there's a convo space to share ideas also. There was such an area in the 2007-08 libe also.

Tonight on April 10, 2017, it's the first evening of Passover, in the Jewish tradition. The first evening of Passover nine years ago was a Friday, April 18, 2008. Through the noon hours on that same day, Ki's interment service was held at Cfar Etzion cemetery, only a few kilometres from her home in Efrata, West Bank, Israel.

We remember that day and this one too.

Come Up The Years. "Cause you're so much younger than I am."

And she has.