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i'm gonna play some Beethoven

I don't talk to my shrink enough, should at least write down what happens in my life.


1. A friend of mine writes songs, hip-hop mostly, Rap, but usually with a musical chorus, music in the background, etc.  I don't like rap... but he's actually pretty good. and he's just my age, 17.  And for ages I've been wanting to write songs... to put poetry to music, to play songs and sing them... my own stuff... but I suck at composing.  I really do.

So I talked to him about it, and he was all, "Sure, I'll write a song for you."  So... I'm gonna play some Beethoven... probably the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata... send him a recording... he'll figure out the melody... and the song will be my lyrics and my vocals, with his melody and beat, with the sonata in the background.


I am feeling disheartened thoguh because I tried to arrange a couple of Muse songs to play on the piano and I failed.  Utterly utterly failed.  and this doesn't work out with my dream to start a band and arrange all sorts of fun songs for the piano and the violin and to do covers, etc.



Another facet to Ki.  Because I relate strongly to her creative side, I supported her work as long as I could back then, and I still do. (It's how we first met.)  It resonates with my work as a lighting designer where dance music was linked quite intimately -- emotionally, technically--  to lighting which was controlling how the audiences would see the (ballet/chorus) dancers' movements and feel their music.  Also true of the pop work I did. I don't like rap either.

And yep, to remember that photography means "writing with light."  Besides her counseling, her photo art is another powerful way her Spirit lives on. In the light we can see and the light we can feel. In the gifts she has left us

Blessings Be from Silverplate88.