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we laughed and needed love

Rain and more rain, today. Right nowwww. Twenty minutes ago, from the cafe', part of the outdoor theatre plaza looked like this:

DIMG_4752 (2) schoolyard 04 pinkcoat.JPG

And, this:

AIMG_4755 (2) remember the days of the old schoolyard 01 greencoat.JPG

This one has fog added in post, but it was rolling in behind the driving rain:

FIMG_4745 (3) schoolyard 05 vignetted.JPG

When we looked again at the comments section of Ki's dArt gallery, under "So Cold" there are some twenty-plus comments to read, including Brad's, counting backwards to today, nine years ago. The most recent one is from a pro photographer, complimenting Ki. Five months ago.

For the commenters, Ki is an active artist and presence far beyond tonight, beyond half-after-midnight. And that says lots more than we can, about how her art is a bridge.... they're strangers, actually, attracted by her work. Nine years disappear. Some wanted permission to adapt her photos for their own use, or to exhibit one of them (in addition to Serafima.) Getting no reply (in around 2014), they went ahead anyway. "Inspiration" means literally "to breathe in."

Some used that term, expressed literally. Some did not. They didn't have to.

As then, so now.

from Cat Stevens:

Remember the days of the old schoolyard?
We had warm toast for tea,
We laughed, we needed love ---
Remember the days of the old schoolyard?
O yes, I do:
And I remember youuuu
And I remember you.

Blessings Be from Brad / Silverplate88 ... wishing you all shelter from all kinds of rain, tonight and onward on your paths...