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doing my hair

you're the permanent one

The whole thousand acres of trees up here have a personality... a presence... Evergreen has cleared some land for its buildings, but there's plenty of foliage --- and paths through it -- left to explore, to lose yourself in...a personality that changes with the sunlight, present or absent; the fog; the time of day. We think it has an impact on everybody.

Here's a composite photo: the framed 4 x 6 faerie painting is from my hometown, I'd bought it in 2003 to send over here to Feylectric (her site doesn't exist anymore, nor do either of us, now..) atm Fey had been in the hospital (one not far from here, in Washington State, actually...) then, I procrastinated sending it to her, then she died and it was too late, so I gave it to Linny. Linny sent it to Brad in May.

That's our key, B likes the initial K on it. The lock it fits into doesn't exist anymore either. Like my whole tiny room. We talked about that already.

IMG_4781 (2) Ki key and gift.JPG

It's pretty rare when there's actually sunlight here, today is one of those rare days, but anyway... there's a big media center in the libe first floor now, with still cameras, videocams, etc etc. When we came in, here is this student with fake sunshine flowing all over her, the real sunshine is right beyond the doors there, I like to think she was updating her journal.

IMG_4785 (2) sunlight doubled.JPG

The light panels are on this kiosk, four stations, lots of posted warning about how you can't sit in front of this thing more than 60 minutes, it's on an autoTimer to turn off after thirty. There's a funny note about how it will mess up your sleep cycles if you use it in the afternoon. When I am sound asleep anyway haha. Was.

Brad's reading glasses under it.

IMG_4786 (3) beneath each panel.JPG

It's also about depression, too. As if depression goes away when you're sleeping...

So. Title of our entry is from a Linda Ronstadt cover:

"...deep inside I'm blue
So take a good look at my face
You know my smile looks out of place
If you look closer it's easy to trace
The Tracks Of My Tears;
Since you left me if you see me with another girl
Looking like I'm having fun
Although she might be cute she's just a substitute
Because you're the permanent one..."

Lots of permanent stuff going on today.