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ik geef niet op

The English (in free translation) from the Dutch: I don't surrender anything.

IMG_17044-24 ik geef niet op LJ.jpg

Icon is a bobcat cub climbing up and hanging on. "I don't give up." Thanks Kala.
It helps if you have four paws and multiple claws.

The no-surrender girl is part of a Royal Netherlands Academy of Art project to publicize their photography division, the kids were asked to make message-posters in 2011 for an Open-House event. Here's another:

IMG_17044-32A up the mudwall kabk 2011 ik geef niet op.jpg

I especially like the light shining downward onto her, and how far she's come out of the muck, and that the artist doesn't show us the top of the wall she next faces, on her climb. (What you see above her is the beginning of another poster on the bulletin board.) But there IS a row of bricks up there that ends. When you hoist yourself up and stand up there on top, the view is glorious.

"You know a survivor / you ARE a survivor..." poster of Evergreen's OSVPR, Office of Sexual Violence, Prevention, and Response. These are all over campus.

IMG_4666 (2) you know and ARE a survivor.JPG

Each of these carries messages and images of hope. From both sides of the ocean, across years. From Ki and Lois, through each of us to one another.

A memorial, yes, one to take forward.

And up.