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Rose petals

bursting out of my heart

Starting slowly,
a single thread of tune:
furtive, soft,
weaving in threads,
delicate strands of music --
music within music within music.
Somehow it has built
weaving so gently I did not notice
built to intensity:
not loud,
but strong.

Something is bursting
out of my heart --
I don't know whether
to laugh
or cry:
music within music,
a perfect cloth.

(In case it isn't obvious, I love the Pachelbel Canon, Canon in D.  I have played it on the piano hundreds of times, listened to the orchestra thousands of times, and I never tire of it.  It is a work of genius.)



Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706) was a South German Baroque composer, he originally scored his Canon in D Major for three violins and continuo. It has been arranged into dozens of versions since then. If you want to listen to what inspired her so, the basic piano melody (sounds like they're at least two of them) is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Pachelbel#Popularity_of_the_Canon_in_D

From there, you can scroll down to an audio performance link, it's on the R side of the screen.

Three minutes of seeing Ki play. Not with our outer eyes of course. Nor, ears.

A collection of renditions is at Amazon.com under the DVD title "Pachelbel's Greatest Hit".  ONE hit. Back in the day I bought it to see what her excitement was all about. And I certainly found out.

In her poem she used the words "furtive" and "soft", and they are a couple of words to describe our girl, too.  Two among many.

Since we are talking about music here, linking 1680 to 2003 to right now this Saturday, the end weekend of these seven years.

Time bridge.  One among many.

Blessings Be from Silverplate88/Brad