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April 30, 2017

Sunday was Ki's birthday. She's 28.

It was one of those VERY rare days at my house, the sun was out all day. So I remembered her with flowers in that morning --- not just any flowers, these were given to me by my supervising teacher at elementary school on the school's Volunteer Appreciation Day:

IMG_6441 (2) dewyWet.JPG

btw, my teacher is almost exactly the same height as Ki and has much the same energy. And I wouldn't even have been anywhere near that classroom, nor in Olympia at all, had it not been for Ki. And her presence in my life.

The plant is called "Gerbera" (all news to me) and the card tells you to give them "plenty of light, even direct sunlight"..."water regularly, fertilize regularly, do not consume."

"Not hardy. For decoration only."

My landlady does not have a lawn sprinkler so the water you see is a combination of dew and spout. The plastic notecard was printed in Holland... where she wanted to go live, someday. Someday soon.

The last week she was here with us before her rebirth, we visited on campus... and on our first night she said "my favourite drink is Chai tea with hemp milk"... for brunch we went to the food court and she bought us organic smoothies, our flavour was 'green machine' and the brand name was NAKED. "Oh, those are GOOD!" was her comment.

Lots of direct sunlight, liquid... organic. Not hardy, yes, flowers soon wilt, these don't even look like this anymore, and it's only been a day. It's also been pouring down rain.

But that's the warmth and welcome of photography, "writing with light." The images stay. And they are far from lifeless.

Nine years out, there are tears still, yes. From this quarter, there are also some joyful tears at the peace she's found and what she keeps meaning to all of us who stop by her memorial LJ. As you are doing right now. Meaning in her living presences.

Images she made of Evergreeners at play, her sister Becky, clouds seen from her jetliners as she sat there flying miles above the earth... dancers, more subjects to share. Her writing, full sometimes of sorrow, full of confessionals, full of fantasies.

All done with the love of creating. The passion of it all.

Love stays, far beyond flowers. And new ones appear, in the gardens, along the pathways of those gone. Just as trees do --- in our thousand-acres of campus rainforests. Which she also photographed randomly.

"Lovers shall die, but Love shall not,
And Death shall have no dominion."

Not then, not now, not ever.