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Olympus Sureshot

Kiota and Ayla

"I have no clue what her name really is."

Ki was not only selling herself on the streets, she was a photographer on the streets also. It was December 2005; she sat on the street, possibly in Tel Aviv, pointing her cam through the grating across a window, downward into a basement dance studio. She was invited in.

A set of studio exercises was going on, in prep for a performance later in the season. She fastened onto one dancer and followed her through her viewfinder...


She titled this next one "A Little Bird" and managed to catch Ayla with her L foot off the ground...IMG_0387 (4).JPG

Another pic gives us Ayla with both feet off the floor, Learning To Fly.

Later, she judged the series of eight or nine not worth keeping, and deleted them: "I'm cleaning out my Deviant Art account, so take what you want", she wrote me.

At one point, she had squabbled with her Mom Susan about her own ballet class, Mom complained that if she was not going to get out of bed to go to class, she would stop paying for it.

Ki felt she was hopelessly dismal as a dancer, so my hunch is that she delighted, at least temporarily, in experimenting with photographing a promising young dancer.

This was just weeks after a couple of suicide attempts that October, which she posted about, after I had first "met" her online and had become an arts customer for her prints... I'd immediately gotten involved with what was called the LJ Abuse Team at the time, to try to see if they could alert a local LJ Friend, somebody nearby, to assist in finding out where she was, to intercede... which was successful.

Soyeah, "Ayla" ---of almost twelve years ago--- lives on.

Certain images are timeless... outside time, beyond time, above it.

Certain people are too.