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some reasons to be missed

This icon is a favourite of Ki's, she adapted it from a larger image and used it many times in her original journal. Her right eye is NOT emerald green!

(If of course she started with an original of herself.)

When my time comes
Forget the wrong that I've done
Help me leave behind
Some reasons to be missed
Don't resent me
And when you're feeling empty
Keep me in your memory,
Leave Out All The Rest...
Forgetting all the hurt inside
I've learned to hide so well
Pretending someone else
Can come and save me from myself:
I can't be who that is
I can't be who you are
I can't be who you are.

These words aren't Kiota's, but here again, she was living them. We don't know what words she actually wrote in her last note and carefully left behind on her bed "where somebody will find it soon after", and almost certainly we never will.

But as we know, she left many other words for us. Including words of love and rapture and energy and hope... "She is SO HOT!" "It does get better..."

These song lyrics are adapted and edited from the album "Minutes to Midnight" released by the electronic rock group Linkin Park. On May 14, 2007. When Ki was finishing up her semester at Northern Idaho Community College, in prep for her first year at Evergreen starting in the Fall.

She has wide-ranging musical tastes, but here there's only a slight possibility that she listened to the album... but the relevance of this song is profound. Its YouTube video, "Leave Out All The Rest," is even more so --- since it involves men lost in space and about to die... Her 2003/04/05 short story / poem / song / screenplay-in-the-works / are titled "To The Stars", and the story describes lovers buried under the rubble after a nuclear attack, separated, and the girl searching for her boy. Either or both of them may be dead already, but she declares "I'll meet you at the stars."

No, she could not have seen the Linkin Park video with its spectacular space shots, some from the Hubble telescope -- YouTube presented it on June 2, 2008.

She knows all about all of that anyway. She is already there.

Anna 5