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I get credit for this

IMG_6904 (3) LJ ki.JPG

The dawn shimmering this morning at about 5:30AM.

No. it's not Evergreen, but the construction is about the same --- frame housing. Across the street from me / us.

The horizon clouds were splintering the sun all over the place, mirroring wide across the morning sky, looked like fire beyond and in the trees -- which are also evergreens.

Not everything here is cold and still. Still in the morning, yes, but far from cold.

"Rendering the Figure" is one of the credit courses she has just started, this Spring Quarter 2008... the first night of our visit she is proudly showing me some of her drawings. "Fooling around", she tells me.

And this hour, there seem to be multiple suns reflecting in the sky --- two or three or four. If you look carefully.

And since our sun really is a star, this looks like Ki showing us more drawings.

Once you look carefully... still fooling around. All over the place.