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Autumn Whisperings

Rowan Renee

Her names are also Robyn Renee Hasty and Imminent Disaster.

She's exhibiting her collection of 18 images at Aperture Foundation Gallery in New York City. This weekend.

Ki was in discussions with Aperture Gallery staff to participate in an exhibit there also. They were talking about which of her images to choose, in the last hours she was with us.

Miss Hasty notes the following:

"I've realized that my work is always driven by narratives of power and an attempt to transgress figures or systems of authority...I've had to sit with my anger as a driving force of my creative process. It's an emotion that we find... dangerous, but I want to suggest there's a constructive side to it. It's been a source of momentum and a place to find strength... about how this work, or art in general, creates social change."

Ki might have written precisely these words also. Especially this resonates with resistance to authority and anger. Evident in much of Ki's fiction writing.

Robyn used an analog film camera, unlike what we do with digital images. She put it on a timer. She created photographs of her own body.

From here on ---


Her site is at http://robynhasty.org

And I left that for last on purpose. Of course you can google her exhibitor name ROWAN RENEE for more info.

Many, if not most of us, are here because of events like Robyn interprets creatively.

Please be safe.

Blessings Be from Brad / Silverplate88... co=Mod of this LJ with Otter