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Cambodia weeks

These weeks in 2008, end-of-June and July, would have included Ki's trip into Cambodia for her photography and volunteer work in a mission for abused, homeless, exploited children, in Siem Reap...

IMG_7963 (1) what the cam really saw KIOTA LJ 27 June 2017.JPG

We took this not at Evergreen, but through Brad's Olympia bedroom window at moonset last night, Monday 26 June 2017.

WOW surprise!!!!

Apparently the telephoto lens, when it was pressed up against the stiff plastic screen, created lots of planet halo effects inside the cam that we had no way of seeing with our naked eyes... it just simply looked like a warm crescent moon, that's all.

Photo didn't get any processing at all, it's the raw image image.

And the icon is one of the first I ever took at Evergreen "Through The Mist."