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Rotterdam HS

Holy Redbat!

IMG_8826 (2) kiota LJ Holy Bat-HouseMate, Batgrrl.JPG

Ki is having super-chortles about this. I saw it as I looked out my front porch this morning. Determined that it was flying right toward me.

It's zooming out in front of thirty small cabins, all identical, dozens of peeps want to come live here, bats or no bats. I got accepted this past Monday 24th, am moving in right now.

Each cabin is 144 square feet / 14 square meters. TINY, TINY! All have one bed, one worktable, one toilet, three windows, and a front porch.

It dawned on me that it's VERY close to, if not exactly, the dimensions of Ki's Evergreen dorm room. Take away restroom, two of the windows, and front porch, there you have it.

You could get two people in this bed if one of them is maybe 4-10 (147cm) and curls up on one side.

Been there, actually...

I did not know any of this when I moved in, it's like a super-campus for the homeless. Ki would eat that part up. In fact, she is doing that as you read this.

FINALLY after almost ten months of hopping from room to foldout couch to church shelters to alcoves and back, I have a cabin with a lease, OMG.

It's within easy reach of a bus stop to downtown Oly Transit Center, buses all over the place which take me to work and to Evergreen.

This complex was built in 2014, so it's only four years old, Ki wasn't here then.

But she is now.



The bat was flying sideways four hours later. It turned out to be a monster puppet. Whoever lives in #23 has to walk under it to get in and out.

Campus is called Quixote Village, owned by a corp called Panza. Gotta brush up on my Cervantes.

Big architectural awards here. Reference is at:

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