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weaving so gently

a bit more on Pachelbel and Ki, see last entry...

another link:


Jeffrey Hall cranked up his synthesizer(s) and arranged the Canon in D-Major. His version goes on for 4:48 and there's the Gigue, too, for another 1:34. There is a music link, first page.

In 1680/1694 your analog subtractive synthesizer was 230 to 240 years in the future. One big name in the USA was Robert Moog and his Moog Synthesizer.. Closer to now, some users include the bands Coolio, Pet Shop Boys, Green Day.

Ki only made one of her songs public, as far as I know. "To The Stars" was a poem, short story, song lyric to which she wrote the music, invited anyone who wanted to, to supply their own melody/melodies.

Two of her favorite bands are Muse and Nightwish, even now those bands' names sound a little dated. Not beyond the realm of possibility that both used some synthesizer assist.

What Jeff Hall offers is multiple layers of interwoven sound, exactly what inspired Ki to write her poem and play it on her solo piano "hundreds of times.".

Today is April 12.  It's inspiring to think what Ki could have/would have given us in her future compositions.

"I don't know whether to laugh or cry."

I'm absolutely sure she would have loved Hall and she would have played with his version, adjusted it as she found to her liking.

I'm also absolutely sure Pachelbel would be the background music to her photo exhibit/reception we were planning at my Texas theatre, in Fall 2008, after she would have come back from Cambodia.

How can I be that sure?

Because we talked about it. In her dorm room.  f2f.

Blessings Be from Brad