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Class of 2021

IMG_9615 (3) Kiota.JPG

A pic taken yesterday outside the library side entrance. We loved the speeding contrasts of light and shadow as the day dies into sunset toward night, the sideways sun thrusting through the trees as they move toward being mantled with dusk, then evening, afterglow shapeshifting into deep purples as the branches donned their mantle of darkness.

My Evergreen class is the Class of 2011. The Class of 2021, some of them, are already here, meeting with faculty/staff or going through their self-made orientations now (officially, there was an early one last May and Fall Quarter classes won't start for another five weeks or so. O.o)

So, ten years now.

So ten years back from right now today, I was getting ready to move here. I'm pissed because Reed College in Oregon was my first choice, applied Early Decision but they didn't take me, so I'm planning not to even get close to graduation here in 2011, I'll stay maybe a year and transfer.

I don't give a shit about politics, I never watch TV or the news. I know that's weird because I'm from Israel, crap going on there all the time. Snipers in the hills near my home, blah blah blah.

But Brad has some thoughts about Evergreen, and since we are totally posting in time-warp here, he'll share with you as well as mee. I don't wanna talk about cops, and you know why.

<=> <=> <=> <=> <=>

Racial unrest and threat levels last June got so high that Public Safety sent law-enforcement teams, cops and troops and riot vehicles, and the college campus was shut down for three days. For their safety the kids were restricted to their dorms, told to move only in groups or order takeout. For the first time in campus history, graduation was not held in Red Square but in a closed stadium off-campus, with full security restrictions at the guarded entrances.

Today's apprehension is that racial protests could all start up again... the majority of May/June radicals were NOT graduating Seniors, so Spring's first-year kids are coming right back here. Plus the Classes of 2019 and 2020.

Were Ki still with us, and had been accepted as a member of the Class of 2021, not 2011, I'm interested to play with the ideas of what would happen.

I'm certain that Ki's nearest relatives (her Mom's parents, her grandparents in Idaho) would have been reading all the headlines and so were fully aware of this stuff of early Summer, and so were her parents in the West Bank (through coverage in the New York Times and other places, our events became international.)

Of course there would be great concern for her safety, especially from her Mom, Susan.

With Ki's academic history it was hard to get her into ANY first-tier college in America even though money was not an issue. And social contact was among their priority items to encourage for her.

Real tough problem for perceptive, caring parents: is the potential risk worth the gain of the Evergreen systems of education?

Well, Washington State hardly has cornered the market on campus unrest, violence, and police interventions --- here in America that all is happening in lots of other places too. In Europe as well!

The choice might be to have Ki to sit at her computer and take courses online, sit in safety, studying from wherever she wanted or they decided. That would totally appeal to her shyness and isolation.

And it would also totally frustrate her as an artist, and more totally damage her social interactions with real flesh-and-blood persons as opposed to cyberspace responders.
(Not that she would think this is bad, since she had been counseling on TeenHelp for years, talking to clients she would never meet f2f.) (And went on doing this way into her last Saturday night with us here on campus...)

And, she wouldn't have any Evergreen forests of a thousand acres to roam in at night. Being physically here, she would come to know many trails. Perhaps even the one going among these trees...

Trees that talk to us now of peace and re-birth, life beyond what would be happening mortally in her dorm room.

She wouldn't have to wait ten years for her peace, and to keep moving within our hearts.

And she hasn't.