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full circle

IMG_9699 (3) greener grn.jpg

This image is the first page of Pachelbel's Canon in D. Pachelbel wrote it in the late 1690's and this copy was drafted in the early 19th-Century. The style of writing in 1694 was open diamond outline shapes beneath stems, not the filled black globes we know today

Those must have been sixty-fourth notes or one-hundred-twenty-eighth notes in the lower stanzas, a frenzy of playing.

Ki loves this piece above all other classical pieces, "I never tire of it. I've played it on the piano hundreds of times and listened to the orchestras play it thousand of times." The solo piano arrangement, which she has mastered, is quite intricate in both hands.

Full circle today: it is the very first class day for me, I have now spent hours in PhotoLand, a photo processing and creative lab complex in the libe basement which did not exist in Fall 2007 when Ki started her Evergreen career. Ten years later, in October 2017, I've now signed on to take mentor classes to learn how to use their hardware and software, applied to my own work...

A Greener is mentoring me, instead of the other way around, as I did with Ki.

The fact that I'm doing serious photography at all is a direct result of her inspiration, it's a time bridge across the 493 weeks she has been gone and across the 54 weeks I have moved here to live and work near Evergreen... My book is coming, a small giveaway one, produced here with their high-quality assistance, and she is one of the three people it will be dedicated to.

Her veins still pulse here, unbroken and unscarred, and we who've followed at her table for ten years know exactly what I mean.

May each of us find our ways into the peace and creative fulfillment we need and want, in our own time, in our own ways.

Blessings Be from Brad / silverplate88 co-Mod with Otter