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Rose petals

through your love for her

On this anniversary we should remember how open Ki's heart always was. And, is.

One of the many things about her that absolutely rises above any time limits at all.

In October 2008 I posted about "Kiota's Children," I was sent photos of four of the kids she would have been counseling/filming/photographing had she been able to go to Cambodia. Some of the funding to send her there had been sent along anyway, given to her orphanage in her name.

The title of this post refers to a line in my entry. There were a lot more LJ'ers reading then than there are now, but that does not make much difference, she finds whoever needs her.

Then, now, anytime.


And here they are in color: http://silverplate88.livejournal.com/78597.html


still read almost daily & carry her spirit with me where ever I go
me too, Heather. carrying her spirit is the softest, most comforting thing I've ever done