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the harshest, cruelest betrayal

Something inside me breaks and I'm sliding downward and whispering, "I told you." I'm watching people rush by to attach machines to the thing in the phone room and I'm sobbing, "I told you, I told you." I told you he was going to do it and you didn't stop it and now there's a limp, dead thing lying on the dirty tiles.

... This is what matters: I told them. I told them and they didn't listen and that was the harshest, cruelest betrayal. I told him and still he lay there with the sheet knotted around his throat. I told them, but I went unheard and again I was silent, again only I knew that once, once I had told.

But now, I'm telling you.

Now, you know too.
(2008-02-02, writing assignment for Writing From Life class, your choice of topic, this is from the final sequence of "Requiem For The Silent") Full text, with notes by my co-Mod, is at http://kiota.livejournal.com/1397.html


When she posted this in her LJ, there were many responses from Friends. She spoke for, and to, us all.

Why this is "writing from life" is because Ki was in Eitanim, a closed Psychiatric/Prison Hospital outside Jerusalem. She was there from Sept 2003 - Jan 2004, age fourteen and a half.

Not all of this was artistic license, Ki creatively bending the facts. Not by a long shot.

The Hospital Director was convicted of two counts of patient neglect, fined, resigned.
One of the head nurses drew 13 months in the slammer, court sentencing.

Defense at trial asserted that abuse, humiliation, and neglect were legitimate, accepted forms of treatment.

Some of the treatment methods were tying your hands at meals, making you eat food sitting under the table, not at it. These were introduced in 2002. One year before she entered.

Trial dates were 2013 and earlier. This had been going on for years.

The state prosecutor said, "The court has issued an important message: society must protect the helpless people living amongst it. All directors of hospitals where helpless people are held must know that they will face trial if such offenses occur."

The article headline is "Jail and fines for abusive medical staff at Jerusalem psychiatric hospital."

We certainly don't think of Ki as "helpless." Kiota lived on to turn this into a powerful piece of writing (it's linked up top here) which led her profs to offer her a writing "contract" worth 45 credit hours (normal is 3 or 4, top maybe 16) --- unheard of for a freshman to get anything like this. It had good effects on her scholarship funding, too.

Think you wanna click on this when the sun is shining:


Now, you know too.