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Olympus Sureshot

for professional work

I have a new DA account for "professional" work, it's http://anna-rosenfeld.deviantart.com and I'm uploading some final stuff to it now. That account you can feel free to give out to anyone you think would be interested!

I looked up their website and OMG, they have really good stuff there, are you sure I even have a chance? is it just me or are they really prestigious?


Brad: Yes yes yes they are really prestigious. I think you need to realize that THEY asked ME to see if you'd be interested... I can also tell you that NN whipped her pen right out and wanted me to write down your gallery address *right then and there* but I suggested that you might want to pick some of your work and send in into NNN via an email download, and NN got even more excited. It sounded to me as though they were saying you might fit right into some of their upcoming gallery exhibit plans. But that's for you and NNN to think about... (2008-01-03)

NN: Please let Anna know that I have heard great things about her and I enjoy the photograph that was given to me and I am hoping to meet with her soon.

Brad: I told Anna about our meeting, while we were together on campus in Washington State last night, and her eyes got really really big! (2008-04-09)


An email exchange... NN and NNN are officials at the gallery, Aperture Foundation in New York, international photography publishers and exhibitors; one of their upcoming exhibits was going to feature little-known or unknown youth photographers with international backgrounds. Of course Ki qualified completely, some of her work is from Israel, some from Olympia.

04 April was a Friday, I was in Austin just before flying to Olympia, getting hold of a SONY cable for her so she could download video footage from her portable cam to her laptop --- so she could then add titles, narration, edits, etc. The final version would become part of her portfolio both for Evergreen class credit and for Aperture. When she went on location to film in Cambodia, ditto.

The icon is a closeup of her made by her ex-bf Ruud in Europe in 2007, she's looking into the screen playback of her small Olympus SureShot digicam, she went on to buy a much-more-elaborate Canon Digital Rebel XTi for use in America.

That last week, Aperture managers had been flying to London for an exhibition/information event, they'd be coming back Monday (14th April) and continuing discussions with Ki...

How close we were.

Ki had already made at least one video, interviews with homeless people in Olympia, she told me some footage was "very strong," going on location to film through the night, following the same afternoon the videocam came in to her dorm.

What this all means to me now, seven years out, is that there really *really* was a lot of light in those last days, apart from what else there was.

Photography, of course. Writing with light. Like stars.