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Olympus Sureshot

only let me sleep briefly


This makes me very sad. I was struck by the songwriting muse last night...

To the stars you said we'd go
To their faroff, faroff glow,
To their infinite height
To those pinpoints of light.
Remove my badges, my uniform,
Let me out of this thunderstorm.
Leave my guns, my weapons fair...
I don't need them over there.
Take me out of this battlefield
Let my old wounds be healed.
Don't want to see no --- no more lead
I don't need all this bloodshed
Just want to go To The Stars...
We'll go together, leave this place,
Go out flying, into space.
Forget it all, we'll start anew,
We'll get a different view
We'll be looking to the stars, to the stars...
Only let me sleep briefly,
Only for a moment, two or three;
Let me briefly slip away
It will still be, still be okay
We'll still be gone... to the stars.

(chorus, fading; slower --)

To the stars
To the stars
To the... stars...