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I have a secret dream

Wow Brad - thank you SO much. I disagree with some of your critique - I used the third person and some passive descriptions because making it active, having it first person, would make it too... alive, I suppose, too dramatic. And it's dead, it's soulless. I want to keep that... yet I don't want to bore the reader.... and I wanted it to be completely unclear as to whether she shot herself or was shot... I want it to be that way to the reader, so that the reader won't be sure if she was shooting herself or the 'enemy'. I need the enemy to be very ambiguous as well... their purpose, their war... it doesn't matter.

And hm. A film of this would be... interesting, to say the least. I might try and write a screenplay myself -- I have a secret dream of being a writer/director... but I'm very picky...the film itself would need to be PERFECT. So, not going to happen, unless you can reserve a train and a train station and a lot of people wtth guns. XD



We were emailing back and forth about her short story, "Smoke, Hope and Darkness." It's very graphic and has a ton of sharp, stark images. I outlined a whole scenario for her about the final scene at the train station, when the shooting starts.

Nine years later it still makes me joyful to see how intricately she planned her written work, in very elaborate detail. And, of course, her dream to go on in theatre, basing performance activity on her own written conceptions.

Truly exciting to collaborate with her this way. Then and now.