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Olympus Sureshot

cross-processing effects as usual

(Could you tell me which three photos you sent Reed?)


I haven't applied anywhere else yet but Reed yet (since I am applying early decision to Reed)


I took the literature SAT... no idea how I did. O: But I got my scores back for the SAT (version II, heh), in total my scores went up 30 points, which isn't too bad. Sent that off to Reed as well. And, at this very moment, I'm registering for my courses at the community college in the Spring. :)



My SAT Lit score was 760. The HS Seniors average Lit score (across all test-takers) was 583; Critical Writing, 503.


After dropping out of high school (one of her lovers told me, "she just couldn't do it", she eventually entered Lachan School for At-Risk Youth, located in her hometown. It's a residential school, kids live there and study there. Ki looked at it as a home (her own was just up the hill) and when I visited in Sept 2008 I met her English teacher, talked with her, she remembered Anna well and was very impressed with her. It's really intensive, you get totally focused on studies and doing well on SAT's (Scholastic Aptitude Test, administered internationally and run from the USA, colleges use the tests as one benchmark to see who they'll admit). The High School Class of 2015 has gone through this process over the last few months and will soon see who will become Evergreen '19, Reed '19. etc. Ki was Evergreen '11.

Reed College in Oregon, USA, is considered very high-quality and a haven for creative students. She was really forlorn when she didn't get in.

Evergreen is a close second.

The score of 760 Ki achieved --- 200 points higher than the average --- was admirable, I think, because almost all of her prep work came from alternative education, very concerned tutors, and she achieved it despite all the myriad disasters that had made up her life thus far. It was a ton of very hard work for her, against a time limit of late-winter / early spring applications.

The post title is from her note on the photo "stairs". It's abstract, multiple-exposure showing her model falling? swirling? flying? being pulled by something dark ahead of her? down stairs toward a right-angle floor landing. With stark coloring in the setting.

It's not so much what you look at, it's what she's leading you to feel.

As usual.

Blessings Be from Silverplate88