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now that you know I'm trapped

I think I'm drowning
I want to break the spell
That you've created

You're something beautiful
A contradiction
I want to play the game
I want the friction

You will be
The death of me

Our time is running out
You can't push it underground
We can't stop it screaming out

I wanted freedom
But I'm restricted
I tried to give you up
But I'm addicted

Now that you know I'm trapped
Sense of elation
You'll never dream of breaking this fixation
You will squeeze the life out of me

...how did it come to this?


No, this is not one of Ki's 'lost' songs, it's excerpted from lyrics by Matthew Bellamy, lead singer of the group Muse. Bellamy is very independent, does not like standard guitars, the ones he uses are specially engineered and built for him.

So what is Bellamy doing here in Kiota's memorial site?

There are amazing correspondences. The most vivid one is that this song was released the same time, almost to the day, that Ki was being locked up in Eitanim (which we talked about when we met on campus.) Muse is one of her favorite bands, she wants to arrange some of Bellamy's lyrics to her own liking for solo guitar and piano --- and she talks about that (here, in earlier posts.) The song title, themes of captivity, relationship addiction, death, absence of air (physically and emotionally) -- all are completely on Ki's roadmap in her own creative writing, as well as the roadmap of her life. The idea of being trapped physically/emotionally in the rubble of a building, and dying, is the theme of Kiota's "To The Stars", both the fiction version and the song lyrics she wrote for solo guitar. At about the same time.

Ki could have written these lyrics just as they are.

Title of the song you read : "Time is Running Out." [Album title: "Absolution" (2003).]

Yet another correspondence. Time almost up.

Muse is a three-member UK band who formed in 1994, their album "Black Holes and Revelations" came in 2006, Ki knew both albums and other work. A black hole is an astrophysical concept that some stars have such immense and powerful gravity fields that no light can get out of them -- the ultimate darkness. Not Ki's trip "to the stars"... just over the immense distances.

Muse has kept on going beyond Ki's mortal life, they tour and their new album is due out in June.


She will certainly love this one too.

In fact, she already does.