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doesn't surprise me one bit

Ki said about books, "basically books are awesome." This commentary is from Lois, an irl friend and LJ Friend who talks about her visit to Ki on Thursday, 24 April 2008:

I went to visit Anna's parents. Anna's mom told us to go through Anna's books and take whatever we wanted.

I sat on the floor of her room... which is now quite lifeless. Anna and I did a photoshoot there back in 2005 -- she used me as a model one day. It was a wonderful experience. It was something else. The room was all her then, and also the time when I spent the night. A room that lost its owner. It's like there was no air there.

...Anna and I had an intersecting taste in our reading material, seeing as we had similar experiences. Some of the books, we both had them. And... I went, of course she'd like this one, doesn't surprise me one bit... I made a little pile of books and took them home. All the while feeling like this just isn't happening.

Anna had a great library.



As she did in her room at Evergreen... some Friends among you donated volumes to her.

There might have been "no air there" and it was "lifeless" --- but Ki was certainly there, in another form or forms, to re-connect with Lois. Air and lifeless are mortal terms only.

And, in addition to Lois, another person created that meeting (involved then, and surely this day right now too:) the woman who gave her the offer, Ki's mother. That day, she was a channel for Ki's generosity.

Lois would lose her own life to CF on 25 February 2011, her LJ account is being maintained as a memorial by her husband John. I met both Lois and John on my trip to Israel that next September, 2008. It was a wonderful experience. Her LJ Username is Lotus82.

Amazing that he and I are, the both of us, now co-ordinators of memorial LJ sites. Would never have believed that, if you had told me in 2008 --- that it would be happening for me six years later... If I thought about it at all, I would have expected that both Ki and Lois would recede into very vague memories as my future went on.

But the opposite has happened: Ki never really left and Lois visits frequently.

Like right now.