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when the missiles hit

We were together when the missiles hit... we could just look out the window and see, see those two alien white streaks in the sky come closer, and closer, as our arms tightened around each other.

...remove my badges, my uniform,
let me out of this thunderstorm,
leave my guns, my weapons fair --
I don't need them over there,
no, I don't need them in the stars...


My kindasortaihopenotex-friend is in training to be a SOLDIER.
52 girls.
4 showers.
Communal showers!
I mean!

(I said later on aG that I would enjoy only signing up for about a week of Basic.)

(2006, February)


This "ex-friend" (G) and I spent a day together when I visited in Israel. She told me that Ki never would have been drafted into the Israeli Defense Forces at all (even though two years of service is compulsory for all Israeli women once they get to their eighteenth birthday.) Reason: she'd get an automatic exemption for psych reasons. Plus, G told me "when we came in from manoeuvers, we were so tired in the showers that the last thing on our minds was looking, we just wanted to get out of there and go eat and flop into bed." G had also posted this, later --

"Military is good for me. I suck at floating around and being awake during the night, because it makes me depressed. I NEED a closed base. I NEED the discipline, and I NEED to be constantly around people. Remember? When you're with others, you're not allowed to have a nervous breakdown..."




"...and the army doesn't really care if you like haven't done laundry in two weeks, and like if you really want to go home now, because it's a war, and you're 20, and... whatever... like, we need you right now, your country needs you right now, and so you will be in this bomb shelter with fifty small children making them not cry... it puts things in perspective, it makes you more selfless."

That quote is from Michal Weiner, an IDF trooper at the end of her tour (or just out), speaking on film.

I can easily see Ki eagerly peeling off her fatigues and hitting the showers, also just as easily watching over the kids in the bomb/missile shelter calming them... perhaps playing her guitar to them? <3

Selfless, yes.

The theme of the female side of the IDF is the empowerment of women --- they do 90% of the same jobs as men do, including combat jet pilots and tank commanders. Empowerment themes obviously fit Ki also. The weaponry does not. So there was no chance she'd be happy for very long, once toweled off. Except... I was sitting there in a cafe in Jerusalem, not just any cafe, the one in the Central Bus Station right next to the public computer workstations which I was using to talk to LJ Friends in the USA. (Ki had often used the exact same computer center.) A group of female troopers came in, armed with their AR-16's (they always are), took up tables across from me. A pair of couples among them proceeded to start doing what in the USA we'd call out "Go get a room!) for. Very public PDAs.

Passersby totally ignored them, others in the group did too, others combed one another's hair, stuff like that.

I was charmed. My immediate thought (well, one of them, heh) was that the girl-cohort of the army is obviously a wonderful place for building a relationship, one something more than your relationship with your weapon and with killing. And to be out and proud of it. Certainly Ki could/would have loved that.

((notes == G is not named for privacy. Michal and others are on tape at --))


Machaya hamatim!